Start Getting New Customers Through Your Old Website

Dear Business Owner,

Congratulations on getting your website up and running! Whether you launched your site last week, last year or last decade, having an active website is better than having no website at all.

As crazy as this may sound, there are still businesses in this wired world who think having their company and products viewable by smartphone, tablet and personal computer users anywhere in the world is not yet critical to the overall success of their business.

For those who have already spent the time, money and effort to get their site launched, at some point someone in the organization inevitably asks – “how much new business is coming in from our website?”

More often than not, the answer is – “I don’t know” – or worse yet – the answer is “our website hasn’t produced a thing!”

If this has been your experience, you are not alone. In my opinion, websites that fail to produce any type of measurable new results for their owners are the rule not the exception.

It’s not the web designer, IT or marketing department’s fault. They have built a working website. However if you think about it, how could their work alone be expected to get new customers electronically – if they themselves had not already been successful at getting customers online?

Fortunately, nonperforming websites can still be turned around and transformed into profit centers with the right knowledge and skills.

How? While you and your team are busy wrestling with the demands of running your business, the web – specifically Google – works around the clock to match unmet buyer demand with seller supply through delivery of searchers to websites of companies like yours and your competitors.

Market opportunities like these are characterized by buyers who are looking for new solutions to their problems and by existing buyers who for various reasons are looking to replace their old provider.

I have experience acquiring both types of buyers through Google and I can help you do the same.

For example, I have helped a small software company in Maryland acquire over 35,000 new customers online for their APA software product. I have also helped a local directional boring contractor acquire an $804,000 drilling contract from a project owner who had searched for a replacement vendor in Google.

Now I am looking for the next challenge and I am curious as to how you and your team are meeting your market’s electronic demand for your company’s products and services.

If you have time to chat by phone or want to start an email conversation, my contact details are on the business card below.

Best regards,

Tim Cohn

eSales Management

eSales Management